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California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Long Beach Emergency Website
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If Indoors - Stay Indoors

Get underneath a solid object such as a desk or table. Otherwise, go next to an interior wall.

  • Drop to your knees with your back to the windows and knees together
  • Clasp both hands behind your head covering your neck
  • Leaning over bury your face between your arms and legs.
  • Close your eyes tightly.
  • Try to remain calm and stay in place until the shaking stops
  • As soon as possible move away from windows and overhead fixtures.

Assess any injuries and provide first aid where capable.

Assess any damage.  If the area appears safe, do not evacuate unless instructed to by Building Marshals or emergency responders.

In the event it is unsafe to remain inside or an evacuation has been ordered Faculty and Staff should

  • Follow the instructions of the Building Marshals
  • Try to maintain class integrity.  This allows for a more accurate count of missing persons.
  • Note any injured that cannot be moved and report them to Building Marshals or Emergency Responders as soon a possible.
  • Following evacuation of the building attempt to identify any missing students and whether fellow students know of their whereabouts.  Notify Building Marshals or Emergency Responders of any unaccounted for persons.

In the event Building Marshals are NOT available to assist and an area needs to be evacuated, the following procedures should be followed:

  • Try to maintain class integrity and begin to self evacuate
  • Move by the safest route possible towards an exit.  Avoid any exposed electrical wires, gas outlets, water mains, and overhead objects.
  • Once outside move away from buildings and any overhead objects
  • Once outside contact Building Marshals from another area or Emergency Responders