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California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Long Beach Emergency Website
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The evacuation of campus buildings or the entire campus may be required due to emergency situations occurring on or near the campus.  Whenever possible the evacuation will be done in a systematic, controlled, and planned manner.

University Building Marshal Program

To facilitate the safe evacuation of campus buildings and to help inform emergency responders of urgent needs the campus utilizes a Building Marshal Program.  This program is staffed by specially trained volunteers who work in individual classrooms and offices within buildings on the campus.  When an evacuation is warranted the Building Marshals are responsible for:

  • Assisting in the safe and complete evacuation of a building
  • Preventing re-entry into an evacuated building to non-emergency responders.
  • Reporting injured or trapped persons to emergency responders.

Staging Areas

In order to facilitate the safe and orderly evacuation of the campus a Staging Area system may be employed to control the release of people.  This system would normally be used following a major disaster where the buildings have been deemed uninhabitable and a full campus evacuation has been ordered.  The University maintains two primary Staging Areas and two secondary Staging Areas:

Primary Staging Areas

  • The Upper Quad
  • The Athletic Fields

Secondary Staging Areas

  • Parking Lot 14
  • Parking Lot 20

Under the Staging Area system people evacuated from their buildings are moved to one of the staging areas.  There they are held for a period of time until roadways are deemed safe and open or it is decided they must be sheltered on the campus.

Download Evacuation Assembly Map

Types of Evacuation

EOC Activation

The CSU Long Beach EOC may be activated during a campus-wide evacuation.  Decision to activate and level of activation will be made in accordance with procedures set out in the CSU Long Beach Emergency Operations Plan.

University Administration / University Police

  • As the chief investigative body for the University the University Police will maintain Incident Command on all incidents that could reasonably lead to a criminal investigation.  In incidents where the University Police will not be the primary investigator agency Incident Command will be transitioned to the agency responsible for such investigation upon their arrival.  As a matter of course the Long Beach Fire Department will have Incident Command on all fires and hazmat incidents to which they respond.
  • The University Police Incident Commander will ensure that the appropriate level of notification is made to the University Police Administration and that the appropriate reports are filed detailing the events and actions taken.
  • Due to the impact on surrounding streets and neighboring schools the Long Beach Police Department, Long Beach Fire Department, and Long Beach Unified School District should be notified of a campus wide evacuation as soon as possible.