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California State University, Long Beach
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Critical stress incidents

Critical incidents are those events that are outside the realm of normal human experience and that have the possibility of creating a marked distressed response in a person.  People cope with critical incidents and the stress they create in different manners.  Some may feel anxiety, depression, or traumatic stress while others may have no emotional trauma at all.  Neither reaction is wrong but rather is a function of each individual person’s sense of safety and security as it relates to the specific incident. 

Following a disaster or other large scale event the CSU Long Beach will deploy specially trained volunteers, the Volunteer Crisis Resource Team, who will seek to identify those persons in need of critical stress assistance and provide them with avenues for assistance.  During any disaster response the VCRT will work closely with the University Police and the Counseling and Psychological Services Office to help stabilize the campus community by stabilizing individuals.

Volunteer Crisis Resource Team / Counseling and Psychological Services Office

Following a disaster, members who are able to help will meet at prearranged locations to form teams of responders.

Leaders of the VCRT will report to the University Police and the Counseling and Psychological Services Office (CAPS) their readiness and current status.

Teams will be assigned to locations throughout the campus where the campus community congregates.  VCRT team members are not permitted to enter closed or restricted areas. 

The VCRT teams will work closely with the CAPS office to identify and offer assistance to those who appear to be having difficulty coping with critical stress.

The VCRT team will be utilized to provide debriefing and defusing session to emergency responders as well as the campus community.

The VCRT will act as a roving field force assisting and/or directing those in need of assistance to the CAPS location.

Campus Community

If you are having difficulty coping with stress of daily life or that created by an incident seek professional assistance either from your own doctor, the CAPS office, or if during a disaster a member of the VCRT.

If you see someone who appears to be a danger to themselves or others, or who is acting in an extremely irrational manner contact the University Police at 9-1-1.

University Administration / University Police

When activated the Volunteer Crisis Resource Team will report to the University Police.

The University Police will work with the CAPS office, and during a disaster the VCRT, to help ensure the campus community gets any and all available help needed.

Where appropriate the University Police will seek the assistance of any outside agency necessary to resolve the incident.

The University Police will ensure that the appropriate level of notification to University Administration is made regarding the incident. 

The University Police will ensure that the appropriate reports are filed detailing the incident and actions taken to resolve the incident.