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California State University, Long Beach
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Although somewhat rare in Southern California lightning storms pose a very serious threat to the well being of the CSU Long Beach campus community.  In the event of a lightning storm the following guidelines should be followed.

Campus Community

If you are OUTSIDE when a thunder/lightning storm moves into the area.  GO INTO A BUILDING OR FULL ENCLOSED VEHICLE.

  • AVOID all metal objects such as fences and machinery, trees, open shelters, high ground, open spaces, and water.
  • REMAIN inside for at LEAST 30 minutes following the LAST strike in the area.

If you are outside in a storm and feel your hair standing on end and/or hear “crackling noises” you are in lightning’s electric field.  A LIGHTNING STRIKE IN YOUR IMMEDIATE AREA IN IMMINENT.

  • If you cannot immediately  get inside you should immediately remove all metal objects (including: cell phones, radios, ball caps, backpacks), place your feet together, duck your head, and crouch down low in a baseball catchers stance with your hands on your knees.  Seek shelter inside a fixed building as soon as it is safe to move.

People who have been struck by lightning DO NOT carry an electrical charge.  It is safe to render first aid to a victim.

University Administration / University Police

The National Weather Service will be monitored for alerts and weather advisories.

  • A thunderstorm “Watch” is issued when a thunderstorm is expected to into a specific area
  • A thunderstorm “Warning” is issued when a thunderstorm has developed and is within an expected area.

Following the thunderstorm assess the campus for injured persons and/or damaged facilities.

University Police will normally maintain incident command on any multi-jurisdictional response to the incident.  However, in the event of a mass casualty incident command will normally be transitioned to the Long Beach Fire Department upon their arrival at the incident. 

The University Police Watch Commander will be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate level of notifications are made to the University Police Administration and that the appropriate reports are filed detailing the incident.