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California State University, Long Beach
California State University, Long Beach Emergency Website
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Wind Related

Campus Community

Although rare, severe windstorms and tornados can occur in the Los Angeles Area.

If a severe windstorm occurs take cover in a building along an interior wall staying away from windows.

  • Drop to your knees with your back to the windows and knees together
  • Clasp both hands behind your head covering your neck
  • Leaning over bury your face between your arms and legs.
  • Close your eyes tightly.
  • Try to remain calm and stay in place until the windstorm stops
  • As soon as possible move away from windows and overhead fixtures.

Remain inside if it is safe otherwise evacuate the area

University Administration / University Police

The National Weather Service will be monitored for alerts and weather advisories.

  • A windstorm “Watch” is issued when a thunderstorm is expected to have winds in excess of 55 mph or a tornado may develop as a result of the storm and the storm is expected to move into a specific area
  • A windstorm “Warning” is issued when a thunderstorm has winds in excess of 55 mph or a tornado has developed and is within an expected area.

Following a severe windstorm assess the campus for injured persons and/or damaged facilities.

Any campus facility sustaining damage may be ordered evacuated for safety reasons.  Any ordered evacuation is mandatory and will last until a damage assessment is completed and determination of habitability is made by a competently trained and authorized inspector.

University Police will normally maintain incident command on any multi-jurisdictional response to the incident.  However, in the event of a mass casualty or search and rescue operation incident command will normally be transitioned to the Long Beach Fire Department upon their arrival at the incident. 

The University Police Incident Commander will be responsible for ensuring that the appropriate level of notifications are made to the University Police Administration and that the appropriate reports are filed detailing the incident.